Email-- Instantly send it to yourself and share it with the world.  Make everyone jealous with how much fun you are having and how amazing you are looking in the moment.

Social-- Want to post it straight to Facebook??  No problem!  We can do that.  What about tweeting it out??  We got you covered!  We can to that too.

Unlimited Prints--  What's better than having a digital copy of a picture?  Well how about the old school method of having an actual physical copy of it.  We give you the opportunity to create instant keepsakes that you will cherish forever.

Online Gallery-- We give you the chance to go back and relive in the moment.  We provide a link to an online gallery that allows you to save pictures that you forgot to send to yourself because you were having such a blast.  Don't worry we have your back!


Props and Backgrounds-- We bring a vast assortment of props to help infuse as much fun in the event and pictures.  Also, the backgrounds we have in our arsenal are only the highest quality they will blow you away.  Both have the ability to be customized, so feel free to reach out!

Photo Templates-- We have a bunch of standard templates that come in every package.  Want a special template for your event?  We can make that happen!  Just let us know what you want and we will do it.




Every booking comes with one of our assistants that is there to make sure everything runs smoothly and make sure that you and your guests have the times of your lives!